Mark Torres

Action Tank Operations Director and United States Navy Veteran

"Action Tank is great because it gives members the opportunity to contribute their talents, develop new ones and a safe place to try on any hat they want."

How did you learn about Action Tank? I learned about Action Tank from my first date with Action Tank member, Linda.  She mentioned that she had a TV interview earlier in the day. After she shared what the organization is all about, she invited me to a service project the year we worked on food insecurity. 

What year did you join Action Tank? 2018

Why did you join Action Tank? The teamwork and energy I experienced during my first service project resembled what I loved most about military service- a common bond forged around shared commitment to a goal, vision or task at hand.

Share with us about the season of life you were in when you joined Action Tank and where are you now? I had been out of the military for six years when I joined Action Tank. I didn't immediately realize I had lost community when separating, but I was fortunate to regain that in Action Tank. Now, I'm grateful to have a solid group of friends from a variety of backgrounds with a vast array of talents and passions.

What positions/roles have you held at Action Tank? Treasurer, Administrative director