Linda Torres DNP, CRNA

Action Tank Member and United States Army Veteran

"I joined Action Tank to make friendships and found opportunities to develop professionally."

How did you learn about Action Tank? Googled a combination of words: Philadelphia, Veteran, Volunteer, and Service; resulting in a Billy Penn article that featured Action Tank. I emailed the author of Billy Penn and they linked me up Action Tank.

What year did you join Action Tank? 2017

Why did you join Action Tank? I knew upon separation from the Army that I would miss certain aspects of uniformed service, as many of my friends suggested when they separated.  Serving was still important to me (not necessarily in uniform),a sense of camaraderie and purpose.  I had also moved across the country in a city where I didn't know many people. I thought of AT as an opportunity to meet new friends and serve.

Share with us about the season of life you were in when you joined Action Tank and where are you now? I had moved across the country May 10th, separated from the Army May 15th, started grad school May 16th, and emailed the author of the Billy Penn article May 18th.  I was going through a couple transitions in life.

What positions/roles have you held at Action Tank? Service Director, Policy Director