Jesse Hamilton

Action Tank Chief of Staff and United States Army Veteran

"Instead of combining some overused action verbs like "collaborate" and "maximize" with some amorphous nouns like "community" and "partnerships" for a catchy sounding quote, I'm to break down what Action Tank like this. We do good work. We help solve problems. We have fun doing it."

How did you learn about Action Tank? One of the founders, Matt Miclette.

What year did you join Action Tank? 2020

Why did you join Action Tank? I wanted to give back to the community alongside like-minded veterans.

Share with us about the season of life you were in when you joined Action Tank and where are you now? I was a first-year PhD student when I joined Action Tank. I'm going into my fifth year now, and should finish my dissertation sometime in 2024.

What positions/roles have you held at Action Tank? I started on the Policy Team and then transitioned to Chief of Staff.