Jess Wisniewski-Hagen, MLS

Action Tank Communications Director and United States Navy Veteran

"I've received so much more than professional development from this grp of humans. I've received acceptance, understanding, and a safe space to land during a rough season of life."

How did you learn about Action Tank? I learned about Action Tank from a student Veteran I was assisting at Drexel University.

What year did you join Action Tank? 2018

Why did you join Action Tank? I was new to Philadelphia and just transitioned from college to career.  I was finding a way to reconnect with the Veteran community and I was introduced to Chris Diaz, who at the time was the Executive Director.

Share with us about the season of life you were in when you joined Action Tank and where are you now? Truly, I was a little lost. I felt like I had accepted a position that was below my capabilities and remained in this position for over a year while searching for a new job. I shared this struggle of mine during a member spotlight at a meeting one night. EVERYONE was incredibly generous, not with advice, but with empathy and offered to help get me connected to someone in the field I was looking to go into.  To my surprise, the person I would work with years later in non-profit leadership was sitting right next to me. Funny how things work out when you surround yourself with people that lift you up.

What positions/roles have you held at Action Tank? Service Team Member (2018-2019), Administrative Director (2019-2022), Communications Director (Current).