Emily J. Balog PhD, OTR/L, ECHM

Founding Action Tank Member and United Sates Air Force Veteran

"Action Tank affords me the opportunity to help solve complex problems in our own Philadelphia community in a service after service  capacity."

How did you learn about Action Tank? At the 2018 Pat Tillman Leadership Summit.

What year did you join Action Tank? 2018

Why did you join Action Tank? When I listened to Matt Miclette discuss the mission of Action Tank--I was immediately drawn to the good work they were doing. Later that day, Chris Diaz, Matt Miclette and I discussed the possibilities of an Action Tank future and after my first meeting I was hooked on the concept!

Share with us about the season of life you were in when you joined Action Tank and where are you now? I had just begun my PhD program at the George Washington University and had won the Pat Tillman Foundation scholarship. Now, I am 2 years post defending my dissertation and am a professor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey where I have helped to launch the inaugural Occupational Therapy Doctoral program.

What positions/roles have you held at Action Tank? Communications Director, General Member